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There’s no end to the cheers…

The winners of the Swedish Game Awards gets more and more media coverage:

But the major news papers in Sweden are not that fast with the news 😐 Still waiting…

Now I found some more:

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Carpet Wrestling Winner In Swedish game Awards

Hipp hipp…. We won the Best Innovation category in the Swedish Game Awards -09 that was held yesterday in Stockholm.

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New Remix of Shannon Hurley’s Matter Of Time

I have finished a remix of Shannon Hurley’s song Matter Of Time. You can read more about Shannon on her MySpace or at I think she’s got a really nice voice and deserves to reach out to more listeners. Enjoy!

Hear Here!

The remix was done yesternight between 21:something-03:30 and the final touch was made tonight, just a few changes and some low budget mastering trix. It consists of a completely new set of “instruments” and sounds behind the lead vocals of Shannon. No backing vocals where mixed in, didn’t think it was needed. When I listen to it now afterwards I can find hints of Jon & Vangelis Find My Way Home cross faded with Madonna.

OK, I’m really sorry for you who tried to listen to the remix. There where an error in the URL, that has been corrected now! Again really sorry, guys!

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Carpet Wrestling Nominated for Best Innovation


Our entry in the Swedish Game AwardsCarpet Wrestling – has been nominated in the Best Innovation Category. Which is pretty cool. The award ceremony is this saturday in Stockholm and I hope I have the cash to pay for the trip by then. (Stupid Swedish railways – SJ, they want people to take the train, but they over charge, so not even as a student you have cheap ticket prices, Grrrrrrr)

Wanna see the trailer? check it out here!

Posted by: mrblogster | May 25, 2009

Games Finished

Yes! Finally the two games for the Swedish Game Awards, , Dust Devils and Carpet Wrestling, are finished and submitted to the contest. All we can do now is to see what happens in the next few weeks. I’ve been working on the sound design and the music composition on both games and it was a fun and interesting task to build a sonic image around the two completely different concepts. It has been a hectic period as we (me and Maya) at the same time moved to a new apartment in a new city. But all went well (I think) and hopefully they will be well recieved by the audience.

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Listen to music on Ubetoo…

Yes is a nice place for musicians, when people listen to your music. If this should happen, the artist gets a few cents per played song. All based on the advertising income that ubetoo recieves for showing banners and stuff on their site. So rather than having people listen to the music at, say, myspace, it’s better if they jump over to ubetoo to listen. Cat Fish?

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Got a new friend on Myspace…

Yes, I got a new friend on Myspace the other day. And I must say I’m mighty proud to be his friend. The friend I’m talking about is no other than Barack Obama! Yes how cool is that! Of course he has some other friends on myspace besides me but I feel honoured and special too now. I really believe he can steer his country in the right direction and being the big country it is, the rest of the world economy will hopefully follow. If the mentality changes and people start thinking about more than themselves then we can probably hang here on earth for a while longer. But as long as it’s Grab-what-you-can-hour at the Smorgasboard of Earth (Yer Olde Earth Inn?) it’s hard to believe in the humanity. Shape up C.E.O’s, get a grip, give a little instead, Sir Grabalot. Grrrrrrrrr 😐

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I changed the name of the blog…

…so shoot me?! I have used Mr Fusion since a certain movie came out in 85 (Yes I stole the name) :). But when I was to register here at WordPress, it said that the name Mr Fusion was taken. However, when I checked today it was NOT taken 😐 Grrrr so I changed the name of the blog, and maybe I’ll jump over to the other address later, don’t know if it matters that much πŸ™‚

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Packing, moving and then…

Ok, our apartment looks like a train drove through it, and it has for the past month. We are in the middle of packing our stuff in boxes so everything is ready for when we move on the 7th of may. Our new apartment has two rooms, which is a 100% increase from our present one. And that is a bit of relief, because we have A LOT of stuff. Anyway this packing business is set aside for other engagements all the time, so the place is still a big huge mess. Which leads to the problem of not being able to be productive. There are differences between messes and messes. The first mess is the everyday mess that you can handle; a pile of do’s in one corner and a pile of don’t-want-to-do’s in another, but now everything is out of place, all over the place, so nothing gets done on time, or at all. A bit of a Catch 22 with a twist; getting nothing done makes the rest not being done eitherΒ  😐

Ok so I have a crappy camera on my mobile phone

On todays ToDo list is a big Shove Stuff In Boxes And Put Aside so we can dismount a big shelf that stands in the middle of the “living”-room and take up alot of space. After that is done we are supposed to film a sequence for my girlfriends graduate thesis film. And when That is done and edited there will be an attempt to make foley art for that film. Can be fun. But everything feels very stressful right now…. so why am I using my time to write this? Ok I will stop now. But I have some coffee left, can’t do anything until I’ve finished that cup.

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Working on a game…

Yes.. I’m doing the sound design and music for a game that’s entered in a contest called Swedish Game Awards. Game is called Dust Devils and place the player on the surface of Mars where she/he will drive a hovercraft and shoot assorted alien lifeforms, all with a cartoon feel, pretty cool I’d say. I have already stumbled upon a few obstacles when starting out in this project. My own fault of course. What started out good, went stir crazy pretty fast.

I had a vision of structure and that I would organize the sound design both in project files, a neat and tidy excel document and placing similar sounds together in sets. All this thrown into a blender and press 3 and you get where I am right now, after a few weeks everything is a mess and I can’t understand when it went wrong.Β  When I open up my Nuendo project file, everything sounds weird and not like it did right before I closed it down the last time. How? Why? Well for starters I have a couple of VST plugs that refuse to save the settings I left it with, though some other VST’s saves the last state and this is what I’m used to, it’s hard to remember everything. Anyway I will try to get it together in the morning. Now at 10:15 PM organizing stuff is not close to being a priority for my brain. Whenever that is, I don’t know.

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