Posted by: mrblogster | April 16, 2009

Packing, moving and then…

Ok, our apartment looks like a train drove through it, and it has for the past month. We are in the middle of packing our stuff in boxes so everything is ready for when we move on the 7th of may. Our new apartment has two rooms, which is a 100% increase from our present one. And that is a bit of relief, because we have A LOT of stuff. Anyway this packing business is set aside for other engagements all the time, so the place is still a big huge mess. Which leads to the problem of not being able to be productive. There are differences between messes and messes. The first mess is the everyday mess that you can handle; a pile of do’s in one corner and a pile of don’t-want-to-do’s in another, but now everything is out of place, all over the place, so nothing gets done on time, or at all. A bit of a Catch 22 with a twist; getting nothing done makes the rest not being done either  😐

Ok so I have a crappy camera on my mobile phone

On todays ToDo list is a big Shove Stuff In Boxes And Put Aside so we can dismount a big shelf that stands in the middle of the “living”-room and take up alot of space. After that is done we are supposed to film a sequence for my girlfriends graduate thesis film. And when That is done and edited there will be an attempt to make foley art for that film. Can be fun. But everything feels very stressful right now…. so why am I using my time to write this? Ok I will stop now. But I have some coffee left, can’t do anything until I’ve finished that cup.


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