Posted by: mrblogster | April 16, 2009

Got a new friend on Myspace…

Yes, I got a new friend on Myspace the other day. And I must say I’m mighty proud to be his friend. The friend I’m talking about is no other than Barack Obama! Yes how cool is that! Of course he has some other friends on myspace besides me but I feel honoured and special too now. I really believe he can steer his country in the right direction and being the big country it is, the rest of the world economy will hopefully follow. If the mentality changes and people start thinking about more than themselves then we can probably hang here on earth for a while longer. But as long as it’s Grab-what-you-can-hour at the Smorgasboard of Earth (Yer Olde Earth Inn?) it’s hard to believe in the humanity. Shape up C.E.O’s, get a grip, give a little instead, Sir Grabalot. Grrrrrrrrr 😐


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