Posted by: mrblogster | April 15, 2009

Working on a game…

Yes.. I’m doing the sound design and music for a game that’s entered in a contest called Swedish Game Awards. Game is called Dust Devils and place the player on the surface of Mars where she/he will drive a hovercraft and shoot assorted alien lifeforms, all with a cartoon feel, pretty cool I’d say. I have already stumbled upon a few obstacles when starting out in this project. My own fault of course. What started out good, went stir crazy pretty fast.

I had a vision of structure and that I would organize the sound design both in project files, a neat and tidy excel document and placing similar sounds together in sets. All this thrown into a blender and press 3 and you get where I am right now, after a few weeks everything is a mess and I can’t understand when it went wrong.  When I open up my Nuendo project file, everything sounds weird and not like it did right before I closed it down the last time. How? Why? Well for starters I have a couple of VST plugs that refuse to save the settings I left it with, though some other VST’s saves the last state and this is what I’m used to, it’s hard to remember everything. Anyway I will try to get it together in the morning. Now at 10:15 PM organizing stuff is not close to being a priority for my brain. Whenever that is, I don’t know.


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