Posted by: mrblogster | April 15, 2009

Born; Mr Blogsters Music Blog

Well then… as almost everyone else I’ve finally caved in and got into this blogging thingie too. I am just fascinated by the fact that there must be more writers than readers out there…

So this blogspace will be filled mostly with stuff about music; music in films, music in games, music on the radio, web or in an elevator. Just so you know, I am a/an composer/musician/audio engineer/sound designer/web designer/also a couple of more insignificant areas… so this is my work, my hobby, my life…music, that is. As everyone else I will write here all the time, using my time for nothing important, like eating, sleeping or working. Of course this is mainly because there is not very much work for me right now. Well,  I’m taking a couple classes on the side; Design and Function, trying to get my B.A degree in music production (I’ve finished all my courses, but my techer is as slow as a snail when it comes to reading and approving my degree thesis. COME ON ALREADY!!!)

Hopfully I’ll get to read some more courses this summer and fall. I have my sight on the game industry, why I’ve chosen to take courses in Sound Design and Music for Games along with Quality Assurance for Games and  finally Game Design. All to have a better understanding in how to interact with the people in the business. Communication is certainly as big a thing being an employee as it is having your own company, like I have had since 1995 (doing  mostly web design and multimedia applications). Being your own has its perks, like being your own boss and planning your own time, but I am not as entrepreneural (?!) as I might been in the past so I have a hard time make the business go around these days. I am a creative guy, not a sales person, and that is sometimes like filling up the garbage can with out being able to taking it out.  You have thousands of things to fill it with but no way to get rid of it. Well, if I could get paid for taking out my own trash wouldn’t that be lovely?!? But many of you probably know what I mean.

Oh, darn, breakfast, yes, time 11:10 am, shoot,  I’m hungry now!


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