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New songs up on Reverbnation

I have updated my song material on Reverbnation and in some weeks there will be a new album up on Spotify, iTunes and more.

Posted by: mrblogster | January 25, 2010

Music featured in game trailer Grotesque Tactics | Evil Heroes

Check out the trailer featuring my music :

Grotesque Tactics | Evil Heroes

Posted by: mrblogster | January 21, 2010

New review of Tank-tastic! from Ouch Games

There’s a new review out. and it’s a good one:

Posted by: mrblogster | November 12, 2009

Hire me at Elance

Hire me for your sound design and/or music needs. You can also find a lot of qualified people in a variety of areas such as finance, legal, design, sales etc. Be sure to check the site at:

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Tanktastic! sound and music

The new title Tanktastic! from Ouch Games,  is now finished and will soon be up for Xbox360 users to get. The sound and music assets in the game were designed by me and I have also created the website for Ouch Games which will be up soon. I’ll get back to you on that soon.

Posted by: mrblogster | November 2, 2009

My new darlings….Oh how sweet they look…and sound.

I have invested in two fine pieces of art; The Roland Juno-106 and the Moog Voyager Old School. They make that analogue sound that is so sweet to my ears, and should help me in the task of making music and sounds in the future. Very happy indeed!Beautyful IBeautyful II

Posted by: mrblogster | September 7, 2009

International Game Studies

Ok, so I’m taking this class in International Game Studies and I should write about what I’m expecting to gain from this. First and foremost I’m expecting to gain further knowledge within the realms of game design both for my own interest and also to get better in communicating with people in other roles within a game team. As I am a music and sound guy to start with there are several areas where I need to add to my knowledge base.

Analyzing games give me a good insight in the different parts that make up a game, good or bad. It also gives me tools to figure out the best ways to fit audio and music into the games I will be working on in  the future. To work on designing games have given me a new push in the direction that this also might be a possible future job for me.

Posted by: mrblogster | September 5, 2009

Updated sites

I’ve now updated my music sites on Myspace, Ubetoo and ReverbNation with new and old music and a better way to showcase some of my music. More songs will come up at a later stage as I’m checking through my back catalog 🙂

Posted by: mrblogster | September 4, 2009

New tune up….

I have a brand new tune out of the oven tonight. Freshly baked for your listening pleasure 🙂

You might find it here :


Posted by: mrblogster | September 2, 2009

Remix of Dance act Flatrate and…

also the Swedish veteran singer Jan johansen. Flatrate – Don’t give up and Jan Johansen – EnsamPC is in for approval for the fall release.

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